The Classroom regulations

(i)        All students must attend punctually and regularly all classes and all school

activities.  Any absence must be approved by the appropriate authority.

(ii)       No students must be found loitering around  the school compound or on

classroom corridors during lessons except during recess or break.

(iii)      Every student must possess the required textbooks and necessary materials

otherwise  he/she will not be allowed in the classroom for lesson, test or

examinations sharing of such books and materials is not allowed.

(iv)      English Language is the medium of expression by all staff and students speaking

Of vernacular except during French /Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa lessons is forbidden and

attracts a fine.

(v)       Class captains must maintain order in class especially when a teacher is not around.

Under such conditions students are advised to study on their own.

(vi)      It is forbidden for students to write or draw on classroom black-boards, doors,       walls and windows.

(vii)     Noise making must is strictly prohibited in classrooms.

(viii)    all students must ensure the safety of all classrooms and other school furniture and

Property.  All breakages or damages must be reported promptly by the class

captain to the school authority.

(ix)      all classrooms must be kept neat and tidy at all times.  Class monitors are to

supervise the general cleanliness of the classroom.

(x)       Students are to make effective use of the school library during school hours and

must obey all library rules at all times.

(xi)      No student shall check any locker without the consent of the owner of such a locker.

(xii)     Every student shall do his/her academic and other assignments adequately

and in time


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  1. the rules and regulations abiding the school classrooms are splendid indeed

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