The principal is the Administrative Executive head of the school.  He is followed in the hierarchy and ably assisted by the vice principals,. Guidance counsellors, from coordinators and Heads of departments. The class and subject teachers are next on the hierarchy followed by library/laboratory assistants, prefects and students’ body.


The School is run by a dynamic SBMC (formerly called The Board of Governors) as constituted by the Commissioner for Education. It provides policy guide lines for the Principal to run the School.


There is a Parents Teachers Association consisting of the PTA executive and P.T.A. general.  They support the school in provision of infrastructure.


The council is made up of representative of the students.  Each class is represented by the captain while all school prefects are members of the council.  The speaker of the house is elected by the students’ body.

The students’ representative council is a forum m where matters affecting the progress of the school and the welfare of the students are discussed.   It reduces area of friction between the administration and the students.  The first general meeting of the council in every session is usually addressed by the principal; while the vice principal (administration ) serve as the patron.  The guidance counselors and one other teacher will serve as observers.