The government provides well qualified and experienced teachers for the school.
The teaching staff comprises of graduate teachers in the various subjects offered in the school. The non-teaching staff consists of skilled workers in their respective vocations.
The staffers are hardworking and-dedicated to their duties. Apart from the personal staffing, we have the following academics facilities in the school.

1. Science Laboratories: for Biology, Physics, chemistry, and Agricultural science.

2. Technical Workshop: for Metal work, wood works Auto-Mechanics  and electrical electronics.

3. Typing Pool: For the teaching of Typewriting and shorthand.

4. Home economics laboratory: For the teaching of practical in Home  management . Food Nutrition and Home Economics.

5. Library: All students are allowed to make adequate use of the library. Other facilities available in the school including the following.

6. Sports and Recreational facilities for games and athletics.

7. Guidance and Counseling Room: A place where the students can see Counselor in confidence concerning their personal educational and vocational problems. Counselor in confidence concerning their personal educational and  The school counselor guides the students in their choice of subjects and helps them in making proper adjustment.

8. First Aid Box: Which is used in treating minor injuries and ailments
While serious cases are referred to the hospital.

9. Buttery Service: Offers students and teachers the opportunity to purchase
/snacks and simple stationery items like exercise books, pens, pencils and eraser
without moving out of the school compound.

10. Mid-day Meals: Very hygienic food vendor are allowed to sell food to the staff and
students during long break.

11. Suggestion Box: This is an additional opportunity for student to make their feeling
known to the authority. Students who have suggestion to make could write them
and drop the paper for the school authority to consider.